Tutor Information

Prospective Tutors

Academic Services for Student-Athletes is always on the lookout for excellent academic tutors to assist OSU's student-athletes. Inside the Joe and Connie Mitchell Academic Enhancement Center, these tutors provide both one-on-one and group assistance in any and all courses requested by student-athletes. Tutors generally work by appointment during the day (year-round) and evening (fall and spring semesters) given the unique schedules of student-athletes. All tutors hired by ASSA must be qualified OSU graduate or undergraduate students, faculty, and/or community members who have a desire to provide appropriate, excellent assistance in the subjects they are hired to tutor. The following is a list of the minimum requirements prospective undergraduate tutors must meet in order to be eligible for hire by ASSA:

  • Completed at least 75 credit hours

  • Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher

  • Earned grade of "B" or above in subject tutored

Tutors at other levels (graduate student and above) also must demonstrate proficiency in subject areas tutored (e.g. through undergraduate transcripts, by pursuing a graduate degree in the field, having taught in the field, etc.). Please note that current instructors may NOT tutor student-athletes enrolled in their own courses.

In addition to meeting the above requirements, prospective tutors must complete and submit the following application materials:

  • Academic Tutor Application (click link, then save the PDF to your computer, renaming it your last name followed by "Application")

  • Tutor Update Form (click link, then save the PDF to your computer, renaming it your last name followed by "Update Form")

  • Copy of most recent transcript/materials demonstrating subject area proficiency

Tutor Application materials should be submitted to either the Writing Center Director (English/writing subject area ONLY) or the Learning Center Coordinator (all other subject areas) via email or regular mail at the following addresses:

Amber Damicone

Writing Center Director

Mike Noteware

Learning Center Coordinator

Academic Services for Student-Athletes Academic Services for Student-Athletes
150 Athletic Center 150 Athletic Center
Stillwater, OK 74078 Stillwater, OK 74078
amber.m.cooper@okstate.edu mike.noteware@okstate.edu

After submission of all materials, applications will be reviewed by the Writing Center Director, Learning Center Coordinator, and/or ASSA staff as appropriate. After reviewing the application materials, prospective tutors may be invited for an interview by the Writing Center Director and/or the Learning Center Coordinator for possible employment as a tutor for ASSA. Please note that employment by ASSA is contingent on a number of factors beyond meeting the requirements listed above including (but not limited to) subject area needs, tutor availability, employment elsewhere at OSU, successful interviews, etc. Prospective tutors should be aware that, though our subject area needs can and do fluctuate, our primary needs are in general education courses (English, Math, the sciences, business) and, as such, we tend to need more tutors in those areas than in more specialized areas (e.g. engineering, computer science). Successful applicants will be required to complete additional OSU employment paperwork (EA forms, direct deposit, etc.) in order to be added to the current roster of ASSA tutors. Applicants should also be aware that being added to the tutoring staff may NOT guarantee any set number of hours of employment, as tutoring with ASSA is on an AS NEEDED BASIS given each semester's enrollment of student-athletes.

Current Tutors

All tutors employed by ASSA are required to be familiar with, accept, and obey all OSU and OSU Athletic Department policies and procedures required for employees. Additionally, tutors must review, accept, and obey all instructions, rules, regulations, etc. included in the current ASSA Academic Enhancement Center Tutorial Manual. This document explains appropriate tutor behavior and interaction with OSU student-athletes as well as how to document that interaction for payroll and review by ASSA staff. Any violation of OSU, OSU Athletic Department, NCAA, Big 12, and/or ASSA rules and regulations can result in termination of employment.

At the beginning of EVERY semester, current tutors will be required to attend informational meetings with the Learning Center Coordinator and the Writing Center Director. At this meeting tutors will receive training, staffing updates, other information, and must complete and sign the following documents:

Additionally, a tutor may be required to complete and resubmit a Tutor Update Form if any of his/her personal/professional information included on that form has changed. Other documents may also need completion and submission at this time. Any tutor who fails to sign and submit required documents to the Learning Center Coordinator and/or the Writing Center Director will not be allowed to tutor until they are submitted.

Common Tutoring Needs

Below is a list of courses in which tutoring is frequently requested:

ACCT 2103, 2203, 3103

BCOM 3113

BIOL 1114, 1604, 3123, 3204

CHEM 1014, 1114, 1225, 1314, 1414, 1515, 3015, 3053, 3112

ECON 2103, 2203, 3313

ENGL 1113, 1213

ENSC 2123, 2143, 2213, 2613, 3313

FIN  3113

GEOG 1113, 1114

GEOL 1014, 1114

HIST 1103

LSB  3213

MATH 1483, 1493, 1513, 2103, 2144, 2153, 2163, 2233, 3013

     (as well as remedial - 0023, 0123)

MGMT 3013 (as well as other upper-division MGMT courses)

MKTG 3213 (as well as other upper-division MKTG courses)

MSIS 2103, 3223, 3333

NSCI 2114

PHIL 1213

PHYS 1114, 1214, 2014, 2114

POLS 1113

PSYC 1113

SPCH 2713

STAT 2013, 2023, 2053, 4013, 4023

SOC  1113