Oklahoma State University

Student-Athlete Tutor Request Forms

Use the Link Below to Submit a Tutor Request Form.  Be sure to read and follow the directions listed below in order to correctly submit your form to Academic Services for Student-Athletes.


1) Click the link below to view the online form.

2) Complete the form in its entirety with your information.

3) Click the "Submit Form" button at the top right of the form.

4) Enter your email address and full name in the resulting box, then click "Send."

If you are using your own computer AND desktop email program (e.g. Outlook, Entourage, Mail, Outlook Express), select "Desktop Email Application" and click "OK." This will open your email program and use it to email the form to Academic Services for Student-Athletes (note: you may have to click "Send" in your email program to complete the process).

IF you are using a campus computer OR your own computer and a web-based, Internet email program (OSU Webmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, etc.), select "Internet Mail" and click "OK." This will open a box that will allow you to save the form. Be sure to save the form in a location that you will remember (for example, your H: Drive). You will then need to log on to your email, open a new message to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and attach the form to the email to send it. Or, you can print the form and bring it in to the Academic Center.