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Facilitator Information

Academic Services for Student-Athletes is always on the lookout for qualified individuals who are interested in becoming an Academic Facilitator.  To assist with academic, personal, and career-related issues, the Academic Enhancement Center at Oklahoma State University established the facilitator program, which partners student-athletes with OSU faculty, staff, graduate students, and community leaders.  Academic facilitators are available to all incoming freshmen and transfer students as needed.

Academic facilitators work with students on skills such as time management, organization, study/test taking, and overall adjustment to college life, in addition to balancing the demands of their sport! Generally, facilitators meet with student-athletes each week to assist in the organization of academic, athletic, and personal commitments and to provide guidance and support toward short and long-term goals.  Facilitators work by appointment during the day (year-round) and evening (fall and spring semesters) given the unique schedules of student-athletes.

In a potential candidate, we are looking for someone who is patient, flexible, organized, confidential, trustworthy...and a great motivator who has an excellent academic record! Potential applicants must also meet the following minimum requirements:

· Applicants must be in graduate school or must have completed a college degree program.  Completion of an advanced degree is preferred.

In addition to meeting the above requirements, prospective facilitators must complete and submit the following application materials:

· Academic Facilitator Application

· Facilitator Update Form

· Resume

· Copy of most recent transcript

Facilitator Application materials should be submitted to the Academic Facilitator Coordinator via email or regular mail at the following addresses:

Nikki Jones, Academic Facilitator Coordinator

Academic Services for Student-Athletes

150 Athletic Center

Stillwater, OK 74078

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

After submission of all materials, applications will be reviewed by the Academic Facilitator Coordinator and/or ASSA staff as appropriate.  After reviewing the application materials, prospective facilitators may be invited for an interview by the Academic Facilitator Coordinator for possible employment as a facilitator for ASSA.  Please note that employment by ASSA is contingent on a number of factors beyond meeting the requirements listed above including (but not limited to) facilitator need, facilitator availability, employment elsewhere at OSU, successful interviews, etc.  Successful applicants will be required to complete additional OSU employment paperwork (EA forms, direct deposit, etc.) in order to be added to the current roster of ASSA facilitators.  Applicants should also be aware that being added to the roster does NOT guarantee any set number of hours of employment as facilitating with ASSA is on an AS NEEDED BASIS given each semester's enrollment of student-athletes.

Current Facilitators

All facilitators employed by ASSA are required to be familiar with, accept, and obey all OSU and OSU Athletic Department policies and procedures required for employees.  Additionally, facilitators must review, accept, and obey all instructions, rules, regulations, etc. included in the current ASSA Academic Enhancement Center Facilitator Manual. This document explains appropriate facilitator/tutor behavior and interaction with OSU student-athletes as well as how to document that interaction for payroll and review by ASSA staff.  Any violation of OSU, OSU Athletic Department, and/or ASSA rules and regulations can result in termination of employment.

At the beginning of EVERY semester, current facilitators will be required to attend informational meetings with the Academic Facilitator Coordinator.  At this meeting facilitators must complete and sign the following documents:

· Facilitator Agreement Form

· Master Facilitator Agreement Form

· Facilitator Update Form

Any facilitator who fails to sign and submit these documents to the Academic Facilitator Coordinator will not be allowed to facilitate until they are submitted.