Services Available

Academic Facilitator Program

To assist with academic, personal, and career-related issues, the facilitator program partners student-athletes with OSU faculty, staff, graduate students, and community leaders. Generally, facilitators meet with student-athletes each week to assist in the organization of academic, athletic, and personal commitments and to provide guidance and support toward short and long-term goals.

Individual & Group Tutoring

The Academic Enhancement Center provides one-on-one and supplemental group instruction in all academic courses per the request of a student-athlete or sport counselor. Tutors and group leaders generally work by appointment during day and evening hours and are sensitive to the schedules of student-athletes. All tutors are qualified OSU graduate/undergraduate students (GPA 3.0 or higher) and/or are faculty and community members who have a desire to provide supplemental instruction to student-athletes. Reports are completed at the conclusion of each session, and the information is shared with sport counselors and coaches as deemed appropriate.

Writing Center

The AEC Writing Center is very successful with student-athletes. Writing assistance is available to students on a drop-in basis. For more individualized tutoring and assistance, students can make appointments to work with professional writing tutors on papers and projects for any course.

Computer Center

The Academic Enhancement Center is equipped with many desktop computers for student/tutor work. Each computer offers access to Microsoft Office applications, the Internet, and OSU network applications, including e-mail and the OSU Edmon Low Library online.

Contracted Structured Study Sessions

Working with sport counselors and student-athletes, the Academic Enhancement Center staff establishes study contracts with individual student-athletes. The study contracts are individual plans of action for the academic success of student-athletes (i.e., group study times, independent study, etc.). During independent study times, staff members are available to answer questions and provide academic guidance as needed.

Career Services

Student-athletes are encouraged to prepare for the playing field and their future career field. To assist with career development, Academic Services for Student-Athletes has partnered with OSU Career Services to have a Career Consultant available in the Academic Enhancement Center. The career consultant works with students on career development throughout their time as a student-athlete and is available following completion of competition when the student is seeking their first job opportunity.

Incoming students, students who have not determined a major, or students who are unsure about a future career are provided with career exploration assistance. Students can take a career assessment and discuss the outcome with the career consultant. Information on career opportunities with various majors is available along with research tools to learn more about career options.

Student-athletes are encouraged to identify experiential learning opportunities through student organizations and community service that will allow them to explore interests and build skills. Participation in these activities is also an asset when developing job search materials such as cover letters and resumes. Student-athletes also have the opportunity to prepare for and participate in mock interviews, employer information sessions, and career fairs offered on campus.

When student-athletes are seeking employment for internships, part-time, summer, or full-time employment, the career consultant assists students with this process. The career consultant has a database of some opportunities available for student-athletes. However, students are also encouraged to use the HIRE system, which is available through OSU Career Services and networking to find the best opportunity for them.

Student-Athlete Orientation Course and Seminars

Each fall, a 3-hour Life Skills course is offered to all incoming freshmen. The course is designed to provide an orientation to Oklahoma State University and includes topics such as study skills, building positive relationships, career exploration, drug and alcohol awareness, and time management. All international students are encouraged to enroll in this course.

International Student Services

In addition to the services listed above, ASSA also provides the following assistance to our international student-athletes:

Individual Assessment

International student-athletes meet, individually, with the director, Dr. Marilyn Middlebrook, when they first arrive on campus. Dr. Middlebrook informally assesses each international student-athlete's English language abilities. Typically, the students are unaware they are being assessed, as she has a casual conversation with each of them to determine their speaking abilities as well as their listening comprehension. She also has them complete a written exercise to further evaluate their language abilities. Once she has completed her assessment, the ASSA staff coordinates services for that student based upon the student's perceived ability level. Assessment is on-going, and services may be added or removed, as deemed necessary, throughout the international student-athlete's academic career. Each student's input in the initial and on-going assessment process is greatly encouraged and given much consideration in coordination of services.

Course Selection

Based upon her initial assessment, Dr. Middlebrook and the other sport counselors work with college advisors in course selection so student-athletes may experience the greatest level of academic success. Courses that allow student-athletes to improve their language abilities are also given top consideration.

ESL Tutoring

Although individual and group tutoring are available to all student-athletes, English as a Second Language (ESL) tutoring is made available for international student-athletes.


International students who have greater language difficulties will be provided with a translator in their tutoring and supplemental instruction appointments. Translators do not accompany student-athletes to class. Translation services are only available for tutoring and supplemental instruction appointments. Translators encourage students to use English but provide clarification and translation as needed.